Labors of Love

Labors of Love

Though I’m technically still on vacation, I had need to roll a new head on a drum. Today seemed like the perfect day to do it.

I got this doumbek years ago and it’s been collecting dust all the while. An upcoming project calls for some drumming, and I was glad to recall it sitting in a forgotten corner of my shop.

Here I am soaking the goatskin that will be the new head.

Here are the brass tensioning hoops and the flesh ring.

This is a common setup for a drumhead, and also for banjos. I’ve done reheads of this sort many times, and it’s almost always a pleasure. The trickiest part is usually in picking the right skin to use for an instrument. I save all of my thinnest skins for banjos, as their tension hoop/flesh ring tolerance is the smallest. (And there are few things more frustrating than trying to make a head go on when the skin is too thick.)

I was able to use one of my thicker skins for this project and it went on easily.

The above photo is just before the excess skin is drawn up through the top brass hoop.

And here it is trimmed and ready to dry overnight.

One last picture from inside looking up at the underside of the head.