Repair & Restoration

I’ve been doing custom repair & restoration professionally since 2003. I am comfortable working on precious and valuable instruments, and accustomed to treating your old campfire guitar as well as the heirloom instrument you recently got from your grandparents.

I specialize in the restoration of stringed, fretted instruments, and also often work on ethnic, strings from around the world.

I readily adapt to different tuning schemes.

Much of my work requires me to fabricate replica parts for instruments built in the 1800’s, and I keep a stock of aged wood handy to match with your project’s needs.

Detailed handwork, patient problem solving, and fine tuning are a trio of talents I do my best to bring to whatever job comes to my bench.


Labor costs vary according to job. Many jobs have flatrate prices. At times, I charge hourly for labor, rates are $100/hour.

For all repairs I take in, I create an itemized, written estimate to share with my clients.

I do not begin work on a job until the estimate has been approved.

Occasionally, a client chooses not to go forward with the repair work. In this case, a $35 fee is charged for the examination and estimate preparation. This fee is waived if the estimate is accepted.

I generally do not give over-the-phone estimates.

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