What You Need To Know
  • I am still doing repair, restoration, and custom design on stringed instruments.
  • I currently have a waiting list for repairs beyond a standard setup. Check my WORKLOAD STATUS for more info.
  • I am no longer doing sales or consignment.
  • Because I am now working out of my home, I do not accept drop-in visits. Please CONTACT me to set up a meeting.

The Short Story

In November of 2019, I closed out of the Canal Park location. I took a fantastic part-time job, and moved my musical instrument business to my home.

I will continue to do repair, restoration, and custom design work out of my new location. Please contact me to set up a meeting.


The Long Story

About five years ago I discovered Bad Axe Tool Works, a handsaw builder out of La Crosse, WI. I was immediately impressed and lamented the fact that they were so far away. I remember saying to myself, “If only they were closer I would try to get a job with them.”

I continued to follow them on social media and elsewhere on the internet. About four years later I noticed they were posting out of Bad Axe du Nord – superior, wi. I didn’t immediately look into it, but a few weeks later, after they continued to post from this new location, I decided to write an email. Basically, I said, this is who I am, this is what I do for a living, if you’re ever hiring, I would be interested in applying for a job. Twenty minutes later I got an email.

How about we meet for coffee in Canal Park on Friday?

Our meeting lasted about 2 hours during which we talked about craft, personal histories, and how much we both love the North. At the end, Mr. Mark Harrell offered to have me join in on a week-long, advanced saw sharpening seminar he would be holding in a few weeks. I eagerly accepted.

A few weeks later I went to Bad Axe du Nord for the first time and participated in the seminar. I loved the work, and it felt right. The skillset of saw-making overlaps lutherie quite a lot, and it showed as I mastered new challenges throughout the week. On the 4th day of the seminar Mark took me aside and said he wanted to have a conversation about employment….The rest of it worked itself out over then next two months during which I made a dash to close down my lutherie business in Dewitt-Seitz; pack, move, and clean up the space; move into my home shop; and work part-time at Bad Axe.

It’s been a wild season, but now things are settling in. I will establish a new rhythm in this new life.

Thank you to all my clients who are patiently waiting for me to do this life work before getting back to the backlog of repairs I have yet to do.