Shortly after I opened my shop back in 2003 I met Ron Koivisto at a little coffee shop in East Duluth.  Anyone who remembers Pepper-McGreggor’s likely does so with fondness and for a twist of mischievousness.  That little place enriched my life a great deal and even though it has since closed its doors I have been able to carry several memories away, as well as some lasting friendships.  One of them is my friendship with Ron.

Ron has been slinging guitars, and restoring them to health for probably longer than I’ve been running around on two legs.  I’ve been fortunate to have had his ear on several occasions when I was unsure how to proceed with an instrument repair, or electronic circuit layout. And when I just feel like talking shop with someone who really knows what it means to do this kind of work, I don’t have to look far.

Today is his birthday and I want to thank him for all the gifts he has shared with me these past ten years.


*I swiped this photo off of Ron’s Facebook page because it is awesome.  Thanks to the photographer!