Picking off the Pile

I've had a huge backlog of work for years. It's a product of poor time-management early on in my career and being really good at what I do. I've been working hard to balance the scales, as it were. I've limited my incoming work to almost no new repairs, and I'm...


When I was ten, I "discovered" the Beatles. In short order, I dug out my mom's old guitar from the closet and worked out how to play Day Tripper. Thus began my métier of guitar, music, physics, and the language of feelings. A multitude of lamps came to life to...


From the Benchtop

I’ve been blessed to have so much work during this unusual time. I like to think that it’s a sign of how much people rely on playing music to process their life experience. It’s only Tuesday, and I’ve already been productive. Finishing off a refret on a beautiful...

Trust the Process

Creating Space

I've been working for myself for almost two decades. I've learned so much in that time, but one lesson I'm still learning is how to create space in my life. When you are the only employee of your business, all the tasks fall to you. That's neither good nor bad....

Incoming Repairs - On Hold

I’m currently at least a year out on repairs.

I won’t be taking on, or considering new jobs until I’m caught up.

If you would like to get on a waiting list, please fill out this form.

January 2021