About Me



In 2003, after spending months wandering the mountainscapes of Iceland and Norway, I chanced upon the opportunity of a lifetime. A guitar shop I’d worked at years before was going up for sale, and when the owner offered it to me, I said, “Not a chance.”

He told me to think it over. I had four days before it was going up on the market. I walked away confident that I would still say no to the offer, but over the next four days, I allowed my mind to change.

I went into the forest with my tent and sat in the pines for four days. When I came out, I called him up and said, “Ok. I’ll do it.”, and thus began my journey into lutherie as a profession, business-ownership, and a whole lot of learning.

All these years later, and I am still learning.

When I’m not working my skills of instrument resurrection, I spend my time practicing martial arts, walking in the wilderness, swimming the greatest of lakes, baking bread, and playing music.

You can find me where there’s good coffee, old pines, and sometimes where you’d least expect it.


January 2021

After twenty years of working as a full-time luthier, I’m going after a longtime dream. I’m back in school and studying to work as a therapist.

I’m still hard at work on my backlog of repair and restoration jobs, but I am not able to take new work at this time.

Thank You!

Currently Closed

Thank you for your interest in my work.

I am on hiatus while I focus on my extensive backlog, 

I will update this website when I resume.

If you are waiting on a repair currently in my shop, please be patient. I will reach out with relevant updates as appropriate.

I do not have a waiting list.

I appreciate your consideration.

Thank You.