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"He had cared to get it right, and it showed."


My name is Michael. I am a luthier working in the field of stringed-instrument design, repair and restoration since 2003.

I specialize in skillful work, creative problem-solving, and attention to detail.

With over 5,000 instruments carefully repaired, I have ample experience to draw upon when beginning a new project.


Incoming Repairs - On Hold

My books are closed until further notice.

I will update this website in January 2022 or when my backlog is finished—whichever comes first.

Until then, I won’t be available for work or consultation.

If you currently have a job in my shop, know that I am hard at work. I will send updates when relevant (i.e., don’t feel you need to check in just to find out when it’ll be ready—I’ll call you!)

Thank you.


“Best work I’ve ever had done on my favorite instrument.”

“It’s unbelievable how different it is now compared to when we first got it. Really like what you did – thank you!”

“You’re the only one I’ve trusted for the last 18 years.”

“Plays and sounds wonderful, lots of volume with those strings. Very happy with your work, nice job. Thanks very much!”

Thanks so much for being here Michael. My guitars love you too.”

“I’m so happy with what you did with the mandocello. You turned that very problematic build into an instrument I’ve enjoyed on a daily basis for over a year.”

The guitar is perfect. Thanks for your great work.

Michael spends his days making the musicians of the Twin Ports sound great.”

Open by Appointment Only

Please contact me to set up a meeting.