Some Information and a Request

I have been blessed by a community of musicians who have supported me and my business for the past 14 years. It’s been a real dream, and a lot of very hard work. There are a few aspects to my work life I’d like to share, because my little business is more than just fixing up old guitars.

  • In contrast to many jobs these days, my job requires me to slow down.
  • This work often has its own pace and rushing it spoils it.
  • My stacks of work to be completed are upwards of 75 instruments at all times of the year: I don’t have a slow time.
  • My job is not only repair and restoration of musical instruments.
    • I also:
      • Maintain a public space
      • Keep detailed records
      • Make time to be present with the people who come to my shop
      • Take breaks
      • Work on improving my business plans
      • Meet with Dealers and Representatives
      • Teach music lessons
      • Keep up an online presence

All of this is to say, I am busy, and I love it. I take this job, and the trust of my clients seriously. I have pride in the work I spend my time on. And, there is only one of me.

My wait times can be long, but are worth it. I can make time for rush jobs when needed. If a job needs to be done with a strict deadline, this needs to be discussed up front, before work has begun. It so happens that it is very difficult for me to do my best work on a job if I feel the client is pushing me forward.

My request:

For anyone choosing to bring me work, I ask for patience as it is the best nutrient I know of for skillfully accomplishing goals.

Autumnal Adventure

At the close of a bustling summer in Canal Park, I will take a short trip to rejuvenate before the turn of the season is complete. The shop will be closed 9/13/16 through the 9/19/16. I will be back in business for regular hours on Tuesday, 9/20/16.

For the interested, I will be pedaling my bicycle along the Root River in South Eastern MN for a while. Wish me well, and stay tuned for some photographic evidence.

Thanks, all!

Autumn Vacation

After three months of wild business in Duluth’s Canal Park, I will be taking a little breather.

The shop will be closed:

Tuesday 9/13/2016 – Tuesday 9/20/2016 

Thanks to all of you for the patronage and support.


Old banjos, New tools.

Most of my tools are hand tools. They work quietly, patiently, and very well when I’m present with them. They make my job pleasant. Occasionally, though, it’s so satisfying to ride the drone of the router with some Massive Attack clipping along in the background. #massiveattack #handtool #powertool#braintool

Finding my 14th Year

Working for myself has been a journey. It’s taken me through unexpected territory which both inspired and terrified me along the way. My business has been the fertile earth, as well as the sown seed. Combined with the nourishing sun and rain of my community, clients, and friends the sprout has become a little tree.
Establish a root, rise up, reach out. 
Thank You all for 14 years of support, patience, fellowship, and more ailing instruments than one man could believe. #miigwech