Community Supported For Ten Years

August eighth will mark the close of my tenth year at Rosewood.  I’ve been trying to think of something profound, or clever to write about the occasion, but I keep coming back to simple things.  It’s the day-to-day of it that is really a blessing, and the community of people who have gathered around me with their wounded instruments, their stories, and their support these past ten years.

I would never have guessed my life would run through such lovely and fertile territory.

I am so thankful.

Now, back to work!  There’s a whole lot to do around here.

Learn Something New!


I’ve got a rather large box of new and used musical instruction books for sale down at Rosewood. $2.00 each! They range from beginner methods to songbooks and music theory studies. Guitar, mandolin, ukelele, banjo, and dulcimer. Come on down and take a look!

Run Like The Wind

Taking a day-and-a-half off during the Grandma’s Marathon exuberance. Keeping regular business hours at the opening of the week, on Tuesday, the 25th.



In Bloom

The shop mornings glories I planted last month have twined around strings, and my heart. This morning, the first brilliant blue blossom was born.